Thanks for the Dropbox space, Miguel

I have no idea where this one came from, so I can only thank the anonymous Miguel in some Spanish-speaking country for this wonderful gift. Miguel recently bought a new phone or other device that came bundled with a free 2-year Dropbox upgrade. Thankfully, he used my e-mail address to set it up.

I think this says that he needs to download dropbox to his computer to finish his setup.

Ok, that sounds good. Whatever. I ignored it.

Then this showed up:

Say what? I guess he did download it afterall. And again put in my e-mail address.

Then later:

Well, thanks Miguel. I really appreciate it. Any suggestions on what to do with a 50 gig dropbox account?

I have no way of contacting this guy, to either thank him or to point out his error.

Since he made this error on least 3 different occasions, I’m going to pretend it wasn’t an error, and that he really did mean to give me all that extra dropbox space.

Thanks Miguel!