Have a great flight!

I get a lot of these kinds of automated e-mails. I think it’s because my name (Miguel) is very common in Spanish- & Portuguese-speaking countries.

Here’s an electronic ticket for a flight in Brazil that I received yesterday.


So somebody may give their e-mail address verbally as “[email protected]” but what the person typing it into the computer hears is “[email protected]” or whatever. And then I get the e-mail.


I usually reply “hey you got the wrong e-mail address, this is Miguel you’re looking for…” But in some cases the reply bounces.

That was the case here with the e-ticket from TAM. Luckily it had Miguel in Brazil’s phone number on the ticket. So I sent him a text.


I hope he has a great flight! Sounds like fun, flying from Natal to Rio. I’m jealous.