Have another great flight!

board pass Dec 09, 2013

Ok this one was tricky. Didn’t want to be too creepy.

I get a lot of boarding passes sent to my e-mail address.

It’s understandable. I’m sure people make mistakes when typing in their e-mail addresses or they just give their addresses verbally and the service people just type in what they think they heard. So someone says “My address is [email protected]” and the person typing it just hears “miguelb” gotcha…

So I received 3 boarding passes. For a flight in the future.




I replied to each one with “wrong address” but they all bounced back, as expected. I figured I would take a few minutes and see if I could find these people and let them know they had the wrong address, and I had their boarding passes.

So… A family of 3 taking a flight from Bogota to Medellin, all sitting next to each other. Two of them had very generic names (including the ‘miguel’ in the group). Searching twitter, facebook, google for their names returned hundreds of results, including a whole bunch in Colombia.

But the third person had a unique first name. Well, a unique spelling of her first name. I’ve purposely blanked out her full name here.

A google search showed her twitter, youtube and facebook accounts. All in Colombia. And she seemed to be the only one with that particular spelling.

I checked her facebook out.


My Spanish isn’t the greatest, but I think she’s saying that she can’t believe that she’s returning to Medellin after 10 years. Sounds like the right person!

So I just sent her a quick message on Facebook.


My hope was that she either would e-mail me directly, or more likely, get new boarding passes sent out to the proper address.

Guess it all worked out in the end.



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