Can you edit my essay?

wrong e-mail Dec 28, 2017

My e-mail address is just my first name, and no numbers or anything like that. So I get a lot of misdirected e-mail. Someone may say something like "My e-mail address is [email protected]" but people just hear "[email protected]" or whatever. I've received Pizza delivery notifications, electronic boarding passes, phone bills, and even offers to buy houses. Sometimes I respond.

Here's the latest installment.

invitation to edit

Apparently, I've been invited to edit a final essay on Google Docs.

Sure, I'll take a look.

Hmmm... looks complicated. And it's in French. Not sure I have anything to contribue.

looks complicated

The educator in me wants to help, though. Instead of helping with economic and ecological models of large cities, maybe I can help with a bit of online safety and etiquette. So I made a little edit in the essay.

looks complicated

Don't worry, it's just an image that can be easily removed :-)

And sure enough, the lesson was learned 5 minutes later.

looks complicated

Previous wrong e-mails:


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