AceStream on Mac OS X, first attempt

ace stream Dec 19, 2015

Update: View this updated post for another way of installing Acestream on a Mac:

AceStream is peer-to-peer video streaming software. It works great on Windows. On a Mac, I’ve used a VMware virtual machine to run it.

But there’s another way: using Wine to run it inside Mac OS X itself.

Here’s my first attempt at doing that. You can try it yourself by downloading Acestream for Mac here.

(view full-screen for more detail)

Some notes:

  1. The first time you run this, you’ll get errors, as you can see in the video.
  2. Full-screen mode doesn’t work.
  3. I find that most streams work best via a VPN, as some ISPs throttle P2P traffic.
  4. I’ve tested this on a Macbook Air and iMac, on both Mac OS X 10.11 and 10.10. It may or may not work for you.


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