Download Acestream for Mac, to watch live streams

acestream Jun 23, 2018

Thanks to Reddit user /u/GreatBusinessman, we have a nicely built Wine bottle of Acestream, ready to download.


Grab it here: /acestream-download

Or for a faster download, grab this torrent magnet file: acestream-torrent-magnet (right-click and copy link)

Here's a video on how to download and use it... screenshots and directions follow.

Ok, so you've downloaded Acestream (if not, grab it here: /acestream-download)


Once it's downloaded, you'll want to copy it to your /Applications folder.

Now, the first time you run it, you'll want to right-click or CTRL-click it and click open.


Be patient on first run. Once it's working, you'll see this.


Now it's time to find your Acestream stream ID. It's a big long string of characters. You'll want to copy this string.


And flip back to Acestream app and paste it in.



Hit play, and be patient. It may take a while to find peers and start buffering.

There you go!



Some notes:

  • (reddit thread by /u/GreatBusinessman)
  • Acestream P2P -- the more popular the stream, the more peers you'll have.
  • Some ISPs throttle P2P traffic. If you have constant buffering, try a VPN.


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