Wii Sports Resort Flying

map Aug 10, 2009

The Flying Sports section of Wii Sports Resort is addicting. Chasing down cars, flying into the volcano, buzzing people on the beach. What’s not to like?

Want to see a map of all the points?

It’s not so easy to find all 80 points of interest, though. Here’s a map of all the points on the Wii Sports Resort Island Flyover:

Look carefully and you’ll see all 80 points. A good way to start is to follow the guy in the tour airplane. If you have flares, fire one off and he’ll do the same. This makes it easy for you to find him. Anyway, follow him around and he’ll show you most of the points. I filled in the blanks by flying at tree-top height.

Once you have all 80 points:

You can find your new vacation house on one of the small islands, aim for these:

And you should see an island with your Mii flag.


Update: Emily posted the list of all 80 points in a comment, thanks!

  1. Barnacle Arch (Between Wuhu Island and Private Island)
  2. Basketball Court (Center of Town)
  3. Beginner’s Archery Area (Near Talon Rock)
  4. Beginner’s Wakeboarding Area (Between Firework Launch Zone 1 and the tip of the peninsula)
  5. Bowling Alley (Above the large Bowling Pin in the town area)
  6. Broken Clock Tower (Center of town)
  7. Cabana Lagoon (Upper part of Wuhu, there’s a building and a harbor there)
  8. Camel Rock (Middle of the Peninsula, above the rock formation)
  9. Cedar Tree Tunnel (Southwest of the Mysterious Ruins)
  10. Cliffside Ruins (Next to the mysterious ruins)
  11. Cocoba Hotel (Southeastern Coast)
  12. Crab Rock (Major formation on Wedge Island)
  13. Dead-End Point (Northeast corner of Wuhu, small cliff overhang)
  14. Deserted Island (North of Wuhu, East of Private Island)
  15. Diving Spot (Northern Side of Private Island)
  16. Duckling Lake (next to the castle)
  17. Entrance to the Mysterious Ruins (Center of the Top of Wuhu)
  18. Evergreen grove (Below Island Loop Tunnel #2)
  19. Extreme Canoeist (Northwest of Firework Launch Zone 1)
  20. Firework Launch Zone #2 (on the Peninsula)
  21. Firework Launch Zone 1 (Center bottom of map)
  22. Footbridge (below Summer Stone Castle)
  23. Forest Monument (Upper left side of Wuhu Island)
  24. Frisbee Dog Park (on the Peninsula)
  25. Gateway to Wuhu (Largest island in the upper right corner of the map)
  26. Golf Area A (Wedge Island, center of top)
  27. Golf Area B (Lowest point of Wedge Island)
  28. Golf Area C (Western most point of Wedge Island)
  29. Heart of Maka Wuhu (another tunnel one, enter near the waterfall)
  30. Heartbreak Peak
  31. Hillside Cabins (Left side of Wuhu Island)
  32. Hilltop Overlook (Waterfall area)
  33. Island Loop Tunnel #1 (Northeast coast of Wuhu, you have to fly through the tunnel)
  34. Island Loop Tunnel #2 ( Upper part of Wuhu Island)
  35. Lava Monument (In the bottom of the Volcano, straight down)
  36. Lava Tube (a tunnel beneath the Volcano, Tricky one)
  37. Lone Cedar (Northeast side of Wuhu, Along the coast on a cliff)
  38. Maka Wuhu (Volcano top)
  39. Miguel’s Guide Plane (He’s always moving, send off a flare by pressing Button 1 and he’ll send off a yellow flare. Very tricky)
  40. Mountain Hikers (Center top of Wuhu)
  41. Mountain Monument (In the cove on the East side of Wuhu)
  42. Mysterious Ruins (Uppermost tip of the main island)
  43. Needlepoint Spire (Tallest Rock formation on the Northeast Coast)
  44. Off-Road Vehicle (Directly West of Dead-End Point)
  45. Palm Boulevard (by the Cocoba Hotel)
  46. Pirate’s Eye (the hole in the cliff, Left side of Wuhu)
  47. Pool Patio (Next to Cocoba Hotel)
  48. Power-Cruising Area (Due east of Wuhu)
  49. Private Island (large green mass in the upper left corner of the map)
  50. Red Iron Bridge (Fly through the center, between the cables)
  51. Runner’s Circle (North of Town)
  52. Sea Plane Team (Like Miguel’s Guide Plane, these guys are on the move, probably a group of 6 planes fluttering around the island)
  53. Sea Serpent Cavern (Glide in to the Serpent’s Mouth on the Northeast corner of Wuhu, I recommend flying out into the water and easing your plane into the cavern, flying through there is tough!)
  54. Serpent’s Mouth (North point of Wuhu)
  55. Silk Sands (Close to the Mysterious ruins, resembles a cupped hand)
  56. Sport-fishing Spot (Half way on the dotted line connecting Wuhu and Wedge Island)
  57. Starboard Harbor (Next to The Queen Peach)
  58. Starry Beach (on the Peninsula)
  59. Stillwater Grotto (Through the tunnel on the Northern end of Wuhu)
  60. Sugarsand Beach (Upper Part of the Peninsula)
  61. Summer Stone Castle (to the west of the waterfall)
  62. Summerstone Falls (Waterfall, duh!)
  63. Sundown Point (West side of Wuhu, north of Cabana Lagoon
  64. Swaying Bridge (Brown Bridge by the water fall)
  65. Sweet Beach (Southern most tip of the Peninsula)
  66. Swordplay Colosseum (Center of the fighting pad)
  67. Talon Rock (Edge of Cliff, East side of Wuhu Island)
  68. Tennis Courts (next to the Cocoba Hotel)
  69. The Candle (The light house, west coast)
  70. The Nineteenth Hole Hotel (Wedge Island)
  71. The Queen Peach (Cruise Ship)
  72. The Sea Caddy (a boat between the main island, Wuhu, and Wedge Island)
  73. The Whale Shark (Blimp, always moving, After 70 points it will put your Mii face on the blimp)
  74. Toppled Monument (East side of Wuhu)
  75. Undersea Cable Inspectors (There’s a white dotted line connecting Wedge Island and Wuhu Island. It is on the right of the line towards the top)
  76. Weathered Monument (Left of the Beginner’s Archery Area)
  77. Wedge Island Marina (east side of wedge island)
  78. Whale Watchers (Due North)
  79. Wind Orchard (The tall white spinning things)
  80. Wishing Fountain (Center of town)

Bonus! Video of all the points:


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