New Battery for my MacBook Air

This is my old Macbook Air. It's an 11" 2011 model. It's about 5 years old now, just a couple of weeks younger than my youngest kid.

It's also the computer that I use more than any other. Despite having newer and more powerful machines, I keep using this one because it's portable and battle-hardened. It's been dropped, dented, and scratched, but keeps on chugging along.

The battery isn't the worst in the world, but it has dipped to 70% capacity at times. Not bad for a 5-year old battery with almost 800 cycles.

I decided to replace the battery anyway. I wanted the extra capacity back, but more importantly, I wanted an excuse to take this computer apart.

Here's the replacement battery:

And despite thinking this was going to be some major surgery, it really wasn't. I took the case off the back, and essentially removed the old battery and popped this new one in.

See those scratches? This computer's been through a lot!

It took longer to find the right screw driver than it did to actually replace the battery. Total time was about 4 minutes.

That's what it looks like with the case off.

And with the battery removed.

Once it was back together, I fired it up and checked the new battery with CoconutBattery:

Not bad. 1 Cycle, and it's at 106% original battery capacity.

Will this computer last me 5 more years?