How's your battery? Check it with CoconutBattery

iOS Sep 26, 2016

Most of my work is done while I'm mobile. I work in schools and remote locations more than in the office or at home. So battery life is important to me, whether it's on my notebook or phone.

coconutBattery keeps track of the health of my devices' batteries. It's a great piece of software.

It can tell you the following about your battery:

  • The age of the battery (and of your computer)
  • How many cycles the battery has been through
  • How much battery capacity remains. Ie: the battery can hold 92% of its original charge.

The best bit is that coconutBattery can keep a history of your battery, and you can even upload it and compare it to others who have similar devices.

It works for Mac OS X and iOS. And it's free.

Screenshots of Coconut Battery in action

My 5-year old MacBook Air has been through 744 battery cycles, and it still has 86.3% capacity left. Which is very good considering the age of the battery and how often it's been charged/discharged:

Compared to others who have the same computer, I can expect the battery capacity to slowly drop off over the next year or two:

Here's my newer (1.5 years old) Macbook Air. Much better battery life, as it's rarely off my desk:

coconutBattery can also analyze iOS batteries. Some examples:

10-month old iPhone 6S:

Versus an iPhone 5S. Not bad for a 3-year old phone with more than 800 charge cycles!

You can download Coconut Battery (for free) from


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