Bem-vindo aos serviços Samsung, Miguel

brazil Jul 21, 2014

Welcome to Samsung services Miguel!
I received this e-mail today:
Congratulations! Your new Samsung account was activated.

So I decided to take the invitation and login to Samsung’s site. Looks like Miguel is Brazil just bought himself a Galaxy Tab 3 Lite! And decided to use my e-mail address to register it. Good move!
Hmmm… Turns out you can find your device using this website. I wonder where Brazilian Miguel is right now?
Yup, in Brazil.
Surprising detail on the map too. Looks like he lives in a nice house.
I’ve blurred out the city, but here’s a neighbouring city for comparison:
Anyway, another thing you can do on this site is lock the device, erase it, etc. I’m not mean enough to do that to a fellow Miguel (especially one with the exact same last name as me!), so I decided to send him a message instead:
“Hi Miguel! Best wishes from Canada!”
Any suggestions on other messages I can send him? Maybe some World Cup condolences?


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