What to do when you receive SMS spam in Canada

403-688-4075 Dec 28, 2018

I received this lovely bit of spam on my phone recently:

"Hi, it's Mary from the United Conservative Party.  Can the UCP count on your support in the 2019 provincial election?  Reply: Yes No"  It came from 403-668-4075.

This is my "backup" phone, which I've never used to subscribe to anything.  I have no idea where these politicians got my number, but I didn't subscribe to receive their messages.   These kinds of messages are also legally supposed to have an unsubscribe option.

So I submitted it to the Canadian Federal Government's  "Spam Reporting Centre"

The submission process was easy.  It took 30 seconds.  I sent screenshots of the text message and identifying information.

I encourage anyone else who has received an unsolicited spam message from "Mary" to do the same.


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