Tim Cards: Another Mystery Solved

mystery Jan 27, 2008

Tim Hortons recently introduced their new Tim Card. Like most retail gift cards, the convenience comes at a price. We all know
that gift cards suck, because the company always comes out ahead.

But there is one thing that troubled us — what happens when you only have a few cents left on the card? Can you still use it?

Well, we put it to the test today.

We had a card that had 75 cents left on it. I used it to buy a coffee and a bagel. I swiped the card, and the Tim’s girl said “you still $1.60 more.” So I found another card and paid the balance. So there you have it, you can run down a Tim’s card to zero.

Just buy something that costs more than your card’s balance. Make sure you have another one (or an Interac card, or cash) to pay the difference. I’m sure Tim Hortons is betting that you won’t, though.

This is what the internet is all about: useful information.


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