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Wii Sports Resort Flying

The Flying Sports section of Wii Sports Resort is addicting. Chasing down cars, flying into the volcano, buzzing people on the beach. What’s not to like? Want to see a map of all the points?

Sign up for Google Voice outside the US

If you’re in Canada and want to try Google Voice, here’s a way around the US-only verification system.  This should work for free, but requires a bit of patience.  It should work in other countries as well.  I’ve done this twice in Canada, and now have two Google Voice numbers. This should allow you to […]

Using an iPhone on a Pay as You Go plan in Canada


Note: This post is more than a year old, so I’ve edited it with updated info. Edits are indicated. Update 2:  I’ve made a new post with information on using an iPhone with the Speakout data plan, as well as Using an iPhone 5 on SpeakOut. If you’re interested in using an iPhone in Canada, […]

Slackware Linux Tips

Slackware Linux is arguably one of the oldest, surviving versions of Linux; it is my distribution of choice. I am currently running Slackware 12.1 with the shiny smp kernel. Slackware is very robust and secure, it does not use a lot of system overhead to run. This means that Slackware will run very efficiently […]

Jailbreak without a computer

Ok, this is neat. With every update of the iPhone firmware, the hacker community has stepped up and created a way to install third-party apps on the iPhone. This is known as a “Jailbreak.” The approach taken with the latest version of the iPhone and iPod Touch firmware, 1.1.3, is a little different. Since the […]

Windows Fundamentals on an ASUS eeePC

The Asus EeePC is an awesome little machine. I have the 701 model, which has 4GB of hard drive space (basically a 4GB flash card), and 512MB of RAM. This model comes with Xandros Linux pre-installed. Xandros is very useable out of the box. By default, the EeePC is in “Beginner mode” but you can […] © 2016 Frontier Theme