Install htop on Mac OS X

If you’re a nerd (and you know you are), then you’ve used ‘top’ for monitoring your system:

Which is cool and nerdy enough. But htop is even nerdier. Linux nerds know this, which is why apt-get install htop is one of our first commands on a fresh install. It’s great for monitoring your webservers and other linux boxes.

Here’s server running htop:

But this command isn’t part of Mac OS X.

Sure, you can follow the various tutorials out there, to install git, then grab the htop source code and install it yourself. Or you can be a lazy nerd and grab the binary that I’ve compiled and install it.

Copy and paste the following commands into a terminal window:

curl -O
sudo mv htop /bin

You will need to enter your password for the ‘sudo’ line above.

Then you can run it from the terminal anywhere by just typing htop.

(I followed the tutorial at to compile)

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  • Oli

    Thanks SO much for simplifying this and putting it up here. I use htop at work and have wanted it on my mbp for so long now. Great instructions and incredibly easy to follow and understand.

  • Isleif

    Thanks for the instructions, I have 3 Linux systems and a FreeBSD UNIX machines that one could install htop very easy but I don’t giveup and was greeted by this site and now I can check
    the the workload of all of them with the same tool. I love UNIX!

  • mrbiotech

    Kind thanks for providing this! Works beautifully!

  • Glalonde

    Many thanks

  • Ania Górska


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  • Afadsf

    Thanks for the binary package! can you upload the package to fink?

  • Flifshr

    Sweetness! You are the nerdiest!

  • Htop_luvr

    So great!

  • Feofer

    ThankYou! Gracias! 

  • Jan Machacek


    Just a little niggle: I get a bus error when you press F6. Did you get any pointer size/alignment warnings when compiling?

  • Hiram Chirino

    Is this available via homebrew yet?

  • Pär Eklund

    brew install htop

  • Munch

    brew has no such formula.  

  • Starman

    Under 10.5.7, I get this error: 
    dyld: unknown required load command 0×80000022
    Trace/BPT trap

  • guest

    brew doesn’t have htop, but macport does

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  • K Tsuji

    I found htop-osx in homebrew.

  • nuboat in lonelyland


  • dust

     I have got the same error under 10.5.8 ;o(( cant work it out ;/ 

  • Eric

    thank you!

  • Alex

    I tried installing it and everything worked, except it didn’t display any of the right CPU usage/mem usage stats. I think it might have something to do with linking the right libs in the install process. Got it from source though, pretty straightforward…

  • Lucaneto

    Cool man! Thanks =)

  • Nick Kravchuk

    Thanks, good tutorial

  • Adam Stankiewicz

    how it’s enough to type brew instlall htop

  • Guestman

    thx man

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  • Lel XD


  • Devin Gaffney


  • Francis

    cool !

  • Najum

    awesome dude :D .. funny text .. worked flawless on my mac

  • Roc Boronat


  • mohsen jadidi

    great! Thanks

  • mohsen jadidi

    it does

  • Alex

    Thanks man!

  • Pierre-Philippe Lessard

    Thank you!! :)

  • chatzki

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! )

  • koolazz


  • bluedemon14

    This is great! Thanks so much for posting this!

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  • Kuba

    Missing data in CPU and MEM columns? Just type “sudo htop” :-)

  • jamaal

    or you just use “brew” and run “brew install htop-osx” ^^

  • Suliman

    OMG, ty so much sir

  • undertuga

    brew “boom”‘s up installing htop (htop-osx)

    ==> Downloading

    Already downloaded: /Library/Caches/Homebrew/htop-osx-

    ==> ./

    glibtoolize: copying file `m4/ltoptions.m4′

    glibtoolize: copying file `m4/ltsugar.m4′

    glibtoolize: copying file `m4/ltversion.m4′

    glibtoolize: copying file `m4/lt~obsolete.m4′

    ./ line 9: /usr/local/opt/automake/bin/automake: Permission denied